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About the game

- Simon Games are traditionally known in the form of toys. This computer version of the game fulfills the same objective; to challenge an in a way measure our memory retention capacity by generating a growing sequence of events, in this case colors and sounds, that the player has to repeat. How many sequential events can you remember ? - Simon will tell you.

- Once the game Simon is loaded click on play, be alert and observe what color lights up... click on it (1).
- The game simon continues by lighting up the clicked color and an additional one (2). Now you have to click on both colors in the same order (1)-(2).
- Simon continues adding and/or repeating new colors (and sounds) that you must memorize and repeat in the same order, until your memory allows it - and / or until you make a mistake :-(
- Click menu to begin a new Simon Game.
- The SCORE counts the amount of colors (or sounds) that you have memorized.

Author: Paul Neave

How to Play

With the mouse click the right secuence.

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